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Being able to live here year-round on the farm is a blessing, but during this particular season, it’s extra special. The cycle of new life is continuous here. Something new is always coming into its own. That also means something old is quietly receding. Did you see it?

filbert/hazelnut pollen haze

It happens so fast. Life comes and goes. If you don’t take a minute to appreciate it, it may be gone when you come back. Just a couple of weeks ago the trees had yet to show any signs of the leaves that were to come, and instead were busy releasing clouds of pollen into the air (and turning my truck a lovely shade of yellow/green).

spent filbert catkins

A short time ago the catkins in the trees positively glowed chartreuse. Now they have completed their job and already hang limp and lifeless, ready to drop to the ground and become compost that will nourish the fruit they sent their pollen out to create.

new spring garlic

The garlic, planted into the cold damp earth last fall, is already making quite a showing for itself.

crimson clover

The clover, sown in the fall as a cover crop, is such a beautiful, intense green it makes your eyes ache to look at it. It seems to get taller overnight.

flowering cherry tree

The earliest flowers are making appearances as well. This flowering cherry blooms well before anything else.

Daphne Odora

The Daphne, with its absolutely intoxicating scent is in all its glory now, so I breathe it in deeply each time I step outside, for its season is also short.

earthworm gatherings

The soil is gaining new life too. The earthworms have been busy taking last years straw (and anything else they can find) down into their holes. For some reason it always makes me smile to see all the little “circles” they gather up during the night.


The lettuce, planted such a short time ago, will be providing salads for dinner before I know it.

raspberry leaves

The raspberries are sending out their first tentative leaves.

rhubarb buds, rhubarb plants in spring

And the rhubarb with its almost neon colors, seems otherworldly.

Everywhere I look things are changing. New life comes and goes. And I know when I look again… tomorrow… next week… next month… it will all be different. Beautifully different.

keep the green side up,