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first time - nike shoes - running

Well, there’s a first time for everything… right?

What was I thinking? It was vacation after all. Camping. Roasting dinner and S’Mores over the fire. Bug-spray. Lots of bug-spray. You are entitled to a little rest and relaxation on vacation. Right? So why would I get up early, put on my running shoes, and then, go RUNNING?! Personally, I think it was peer pressure. Definitely peer pressure. Mr.Awesome and my youngest daughter decided it would be fun to go on a trail run together. So, the guilt kicked in, I laced up, and started out of the camping site loop, trailing behind my oldest daughter. That’s right. Me. At the tail end. And no, that’s not a surprise 😉

So if I can go running on vacation for the first time, then I can create a blog post for the first time too!  So come and join me on this new adventure.  Hopefully the growing pains of the blog-o-sphere won’t last longer than the shin-splints… 😉