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a pseudo-homesteader and accidental writer, living and gardening on a hazelnut farm in Oregon (you’re welcome Nutella lovers!😉).
I love my family, good food, vegetable gardens, food preservation, and clutter-free spaces


Here, On The Nut Farm, you’ll find gardening and growing tips, safe canning and food preservation, DIY tutorials, recipes, my missives, and more.



From the beginning, there was always a garden in my life. Honestly though, it’s a minor miracle I enjoy gardening at all. My early years in the garden were relegated to digging out rocks, and pulling weeds. This also meant I had no real garden knowledge when I started growing things myself. I made a LOT of mistakes.

Since then I’ve taken the courses and done the training, but most of what I’ve learned about gardening has come through years of experience; trials, successes, and failures. Sadly, I seem to learn the most from the failures. 😒  Like most people, I’m out here planting the stuff that I think will be yummy to eat. 

What doesn’t get cooked fresh, is preserved – canning, drying, pickling, fermenting, freezing – all to be enjoyed in the months the garden isn’t producing. And while my garden zone is pretty mild, I still try my darnedest to extend that time. 

I geek-out on compost, bugs, and germination rates. I carry around a hand-lens. Seriously. It’s all connected. The garden gives me produce, those scraps go into the compost, the compost goes back to feed the garden. Kumbaya y’all.

You name it, I probably grow it (or have tried 😂) – raspberries, asparagus, apples, lettuce, strawberries, corn, tomatoes, blueberries… it’s a long list. If you are really curious about everything grown here, I’ve made a list…

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If you have questions, ask me anytime.


keep the green side up,